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Ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical systems with our professional RCD (Residual Current Device) testing services.

Cbus and Building Management

RCD Testing for Electrical Switchboards

At ADP Electrical & Data, we specialize in comprehensive RCD testing for electrical switchboards, helping to protect your property and occupants from electrical faults and hazards.

Why RCD Testing is Essential:

Safety Assurance: RCDs detect and instantly disconnect the circuit in the event of a fault, preventing electric shocks and fires.

Compliance: Regular RCD testing ensures compliance with safety regulations and standards.

Peace of Mind: With our thorough testing and detailed reporting, you can have confidence in the safety of your electrical installations.

Our RCD Testing Services Include:

Inspection and Testing: We inspect the functionality of RCDs, ensuring they respond correctly to fault conditions.

Fault Diagnosis: Identification of potential issues before they become serious hazards.

Detailed Reporting: Comprehensive reports that outline test results, compliance status, and any necessary corrective actions.

Trust ADP Electrical & Data for expert RCD testing and maintain a safe, compliant, and reliable electrical system. 

Contact us today for an over the phone quote, we can also tie in thermal imaging for a more cost-effective reporting and compliance.

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