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Your Thermal Imagery Experts on the Northern Rivers

Trusted thermal imagery specialists on the Northern Rivers. We ensure peace of mind and proactive problem-solving for all your thermal imaging needs.

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Professional Thermal Imaging and RCD Testing Services

ADP Electrical & Data offers specialised thermal imaging and RCD testing services for commercial facilities. Utilising advanced infrared technology, we provide non-invasive detection of electrical issues, ensuring proactive maintenance to prevent costly downtime. Our services ensure compliance with safety standards, offering comprehensive reports with prioritised solutions to maintain a reliable and efficient electrical infrastructure.

What We Offer


Thermal Imaging Inspections

Comprehensive assessments to detect heat anomalies and potential electrical issues in commercial facilities.

Preventative Maintenance

Proactive maintenance services to identify and address electrical faults before they cause downtime or damage.
Testing and Certification

Compliance Audits

Ensuring your electrical systems meet all safety regulations and standards required by law.
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Detailed Reporting

We provide clear, actionable reports with prioritised solutions for any detected issues every time.


Regular testing of Residual Current Devices to ensure optimal safety and compliance with electrical standards.
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Assessing and optimising electrical load distribution to prevent overloads and enhance system performance.
Structured Cabling

Energy Efficiency Analysis

Evaluate and improve your electrical systems’ energy efficiency through detailed thermal imaging data.
Network Cabling

Emergency Electrical Services

Offering rapid response services for urgent electrical issues detected through thermal imaging or RCD testing.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch thermal imaging and RCD testing services tailored to the unique needs of commercial facilities. Our advanced infrared technology allows for precise, non-invasive detection of potential electrical issues, enabling proactive maintenance and minimising costly downtime.
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Comprehensive Services

Custom solutions

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About ADP Electrical & Data

With a large team behind him and contacts in the industry ADP Electrical and Data can fulfill any job you might require, from rewireing a school after a flood or installing specialist lighting in unique circumstances. The ADP team always goes the extra mile to ensure every client is happy.

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